Name: have reached the Private Pre-Launch
site of and (TCI)

You must know the right people because not everyone is being invited to this web page. Right NOW, on a very limited basis, we are allowing Pre-registration for launch. (The next time you return to this page the registration could very likely be closed.)

To qualify for this limited registration you should fall into at least one of the following  categories:


You are interested in becoming a Real Estate Property Locator (BirdDog),  and in learning how to create an excellent monthly income by helping Real Estate Investors locate potential deals. You might even want to eventually invest in real estate yourself and are just looking for  way to get started with little to no money and no risk? We can show you the absolute best way to get started in Real Estate Investing! This sounds like me.. let me register to hear more now!


You are currently a Real Estate Investor looking to create an avalanche of qualified property leads supplied by YOUR very own, highly trained and skilled, virtual army of BirdDogZ.  We'll give you your very own complete, private, proprietary BirdDogZ system that virtually runs itself.  You just recruit property locators (using your own BirdDogZ System Replicated Website that we give you!) and let US train them for you! Then the only thing you'll have to do is handle the RUSH of pre-qualified leads that will be coming your way! Oh, by the way.... we've got you covered there too!
This sounds like me.. let me register to hear more now!


You crave a complete system that organizes your business and makes it easier to do deals, a Virtual Real Estate System that connects your lead sources to a robust back office where you can manage them effectively no matter where they come from. We can't let too much of the cat out of the bag yet, (our proprietary system has been called "The way of the future in Virtual Real Estate Investing".)  but we know that when you see all of the "connected" features in our system, you'll be just as excited as we are! Here's a hint: how would you like to have unlimited buyers for all of your properties? With a system that matches every buyer in the system to every property? (suddenly buyers become as much of a commodity as properties huh? This one feature makes our brains hurt it's so powerful)

So, If you fall into one of the categories above, we want you to take action right now and pre register for Launch.

Initially we will only be accepting a limited number of system users and we may close the doors at any want to be registered so you can be notified immediately when we launch. It will happen very quickly and we want to give as many people as we can an equal opportunity to participate.

Register now by submitting your Email Address and Name below!